12,587 Syrian Refugees Admitted in FY 2016: 12,486 Muslims, 68 Christians, 24 Yazidis

12,587 Syrian Refugees Admitted in FY 2016: 12,486 Muslims, 68 Christians, 24 Yazidis


October 4, 2016

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The Islam-ruled Obama Regime has admitted a total of 12,587 mostly Muslim Syrian refugees during the just-ended fiscal year, exceeding the target Obama declared by 2,587. Of the total, only 68 are Syrian Christian refugees even though they are the most in danger.




Of the 12,587, the vast majority are Sunni (pro-al Qaeda/pro-ISIS) Muslims – 12,363 (98.2%) – while another 103 are identified in State Department Refugee Processing Center data simply as Muslims and a further 20 as Shi’a Muslims.



From ISIS to immigrant

From ISIS to “immigrant” in Germany


Sixty-eight of the 12,587 Syrian refugees (0.5%) are Christians. They comprise 16 Catholics, eight Orthodox, five Protestants, four Jehovah’s Witnesses, one Greek Orthodox, and 34 refugees self-identified simply as Christians. The remainder of the Syrian refugees resettled in the U.S. in FY 2016 are 24 Yazidis, eight refugees with religion given as “other,” and one with “no religion.”



The United Nations reports that 4,806,702 million Syrian Muslims are registered as “persons of concern” in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and North Africa.

In Maryland, a Muslim migrant from Bangladesh has been charged with a plot to murder U.S, military member on behalf of the Islamic State (ISIS).


(Data: State Department Refugee Processing Center/Graph: CNSNews.com)
(Data: State Department Refugee Processing Center/Graph: CNSNews.com)



Nelash Mohamed Das, 24, has been charged with attempting provide material support and resources to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), a foreign terrorist organization, in connection with a plan to attack a U.S. military member.

Das met with a person believed to be a supporter of ISIS in May, but was actually a confidential source working for the FBI, documents say. Das told the source he knew and communicated with people overseas who were part of ISIS.



In July, Das told the FBI source that he wanted to kill a U.S. service member living in Prince George’s County in Maryland and obtained information the previous year from a list posted online by ISIS. He also told the source he could acquire a firearm and wanted to travel overseas for ISIS if he had the opportunity. After several meetings with the FBI informant, Das said that he was looking for names of potential targets for them to kill while using guns acquired by the informant.


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