Pro-Jihad rally in Toronto supporting terrorists draws a diverse crowd of Islamists, Communists and students

Pro-Jihad rally in Toronto supporting terrorists draws a diverse crowd of Islamists, Communists and students


May 15, 2017

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On Saturday May 13th, several people belonging to various different Islamist, leftist and student groups congregated across from the Israeli Consulate in Toronto in order to demonstrate their support for convicted terrorists currently serving time in Israeli prisons.

The event, led by Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York University, a campus student group headed by Hammam Farah was endorsed by over 50 different organizations including student unions and faculty members. Endorsers also included groups like “Socialist Action,” the “Communist Party of Canada” and of course, several Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) groups from across Canada.



Poorly veiled calls for the annihilation of Israel in the form of the infamous “From the River to the Sea, ‘Palestine’ will be free” chant rang out through the streets of Toronto moments after the rally began at 2PM Saturday afternoon. Communist flags flew amongst the sea of “Palestinian” flags and signs displaying the faces of the convicted Arab terrorists. Only 2 Canadian flags could be seen. Other signs calling for Canada to condemn “Israeli terrorism against the Arabs,” along with demands for the US to stop backing Israel’s imaginary war crimes.


“Palestinian” flags and signs. Only 2 Canadian flags can be seen. Photo credit: Never Again Canada


Communist and “Palestinian” flags wave together during Saturday’s protest. Photo credit: Never Again Canada


The usual rhetoric and slander not uncommon with such events made centre stage along with chants and slogans delivered by various different speakers, endorsers and extremists. One of the most troubling and notable moments of the rally was when those in attendance blatantly called for an Intifada against Israel.

Intifada, which means “armed resistance” is a wave of terror attacks carried out against Israeli civilians by Muslim Arab terrorists. Israel has already experienced 2 major intifadas with the first being from 1987 to 1993, and the second and worst from 2000 to 20005 which involved intensified Arab violence against Jews with the blowing up of busses and cafés. Many argue that the wave of violence in 2015 was the Third Intifada known as the “Knife Intifada” involving several cases of Muslim terrorists attacking Israeli civilians, border guards and soldiers with knives any chance they got.



Across the street, pro-Israel supporters came out to protest the draconian rally by waving Israeli and Canadian flags along with displaying signs of their own exposing the so-called “political prisoners” as alleged by the anti-Israel crowd for the terrorists they are. Sandra Solomon, an ex-Muslim Palestinian who fled Saudi Arabia for Canada and converted to Christianity spoke to the protesters through a megaphone reminding them that terrorists belong in jail and that they are not victims.


Sandra Solomon. Photo Credit: Never Again Canada



Events like this are becoming a familiar sight in Toronto and other cities across Canada with the annual Al Quds Day, founded by the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 which will take place at the end of June along with attempts at disrupting the Walk with Israel family event held each year in May.


Al Quds Day, 2016. Photo credit: Never Again Canada


Despite such frequent occurrences, the Canadian government seems to express a far greater concern for “Islamophobia” rather than anti-Semitism notwithstanding the evidence that it remains the most common form of discrimination in Canada. 2016 was a record-setting year for anti-Semitic incidents in Canada.




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