Senior CIJA representatives participate in interfaith dialogue with Canadian imam who invited to his Mosque radical preacher who prayed for “Allah to destroy the Jews.”

Senior CIJA representatives participate in interfaith dialogue with Canadian imam who invited to his Mosque radical preacher who prayed for “Allah to destroy the Jews.”


July 18, 2017

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Senior officials of CIJA met with imam Ibrahim al-Hindy who hosted in his mosque an Egyptian imam who is known of his sermon against the Jews: “O Allah, destroy the Jews and whom they ally with… count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them.” 

Photo credit: Facebook. Ibrahim Hindy is the imam on the left.


A little background on Ibrahim Hindy:

Ibrahim Hindy is the imam of Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. On December 13, 2016, Ibrahim Hindy posted on Facebook the following: “Join me tonight at Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre after Isha prayers at 7PM. Shaykh Nash’at Ahmad (الشيخ نشأت أحمد), a well-known scholar from Egypt, will be speaking. I don’t know what the topic will be, as his arrival was made known to us last minute, but I’m sure that he will touch upon the recent tragedies in Aleppo.”



A day earlier, Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre added an event on Facebook inviting the public to Shaykh Nash’at Ahmad’s speech at the Centre.
According to Al Jazeera Center for Studies, Shaykh Nash’at Ahmad is affiliated with the Egyptian Salafi movement which was subjected to security restrictions and even arrest and trial in various cases related to fatwas, or Islamic edicts, urging the support of Mujahideen (Muslims who engage in jihad) in “Palestine” and justifying the 9/11 attacks.



The following are excerpts from Shaykh Nash’at Ahmad’s sermons in Egypt (originally in Arabic):

January 6, 2016: “O Allah, destroy the Jews and whom they ally with… count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them.”

January 2, 2016: “[O Allah] give victory to our brother in Greater Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Burma, Mali, Yemen and other Muslim countries… O Allah, take revenge of the enemies of Your religion. O Allah, destroy the Jews and all others who support them in countries around the world… O Allah, destroy the Russians, Hindus, Shiites Communists, destroy all those who attacked the Muslims. O Lord, count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them. O Allah, purify the Muslims lands from their filth and squalor, O Allah liberate the imprisoned Al-Aqsa [mosque].”

October 5, 2016: “[O Allah] Destroy the Russians and purify the Muslim lands from their filth. O Lord, destroy all aggressors, including the Shiites, Bashr [Assad], Alawites and others. O Allah, destroy the the aggressors who are the Jews and those who support them… O Allah, they corrupted your land and You do not like the corruption… O Allah, purify the Muslim land from their filth and squalor. O Allah, purify imprisoned al-Aqsa [mosque] from their hands [of the Jews]. O Allah, restore the Caliphate [Islamic State] for the Muslims.”

April 6, 2016: “O Allah don’t give the infidel or the oppressor a way to overcome us… Destroy the Jews, the Christians, the Americans, the Europeans, the Shiites, the Communists, the Russians, the Hindus, the traitors, the oppressors and the criminals.”



October 26, 2016: “O Allah, return the Muslims countries to the Muslims and purify [the Muslim lands] from the filth of the infidels and the polytheists [also identified by Muslim scholars as Christians].”



In response to CIJnews’ article concerning anti-Jewish preachings at Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, imam Ibrahim Hindy, issued the following statement:



statement (April 14, 2017):
Not sure why CIJ News English is attacking me? I’ve been openly working very hard to fight antisemitism, extremism and working towards greater religious tolerance.
As stated in the article, I heard about his arrival very last minute and I’m not sure what type of vetting one could expect from me. Especially since I didn’t even attend the event as I was with my daughter in the emergency room at Sick Kids Hospital at the time.
The author of the article never even asked me for a comment. It’s such a shame that a Jewish publication would be attacking me given my history of fighting antisemitism and extremism. This is really shameful.

Ibrahim Hindy explains the Quranic verse on wife beating

In an interview with a representative of the Renew Church, “a multi-site church in the GTA that is committed to helping people find new faith, new focus and new frontiers”, Ibrahim Hindy explained the Islamic faith and it implications on the life of the Muslim believers. The following are excerpts from the interview that was published on YouTube on March 20, 2016:

There are a couple of verses in the Quran that seem to condone something that we would find very difficult, and that is a man striking his wife under certain circumstances, so Surah [Chapter] 4 [Verse] 34, 38, 44. There seems to be allusion to that. How are those passages to be understood?
“”Chapter 4, Verse 34: “Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.” (translated by Sahih International)]

Ibrahim Hindy:
“We only need one passage of [Chapter] 4 [Verse] 44, that’s the one I would say problematic in that sometimes people do take it out of context. This verse, you know, let’s kind of, how do we interpret the Quran. Let’s go back to the basics, to the principals. We interpret the Quran based on what the prophet [Mohammad] said and did, but we also interpret the Quran based on how earliest Muslims understood it, right? So this verse talks about, you know, when there is a marriage discord, the husband should leave the bed, leave the wife in the bad for a while, and if that doesn’t work, then he could strike her, and if that doesn’t work, then to go for a divorce. Essentially this is what the verse says. Some people have, I would say, more of a liberal understanding of this verse’s interpretation, those say: the word for strike in Arabic could mean to take a path, to strike a path. So those say: This is simply to leave, both of them have to leave. I don’t really ascribe to that. I do think it is to strike. However how did Muslims really understand this? So I go back to earliest Muslims, all of them said: it means to hit the person with a twig, a small twig, like a pen or something, to hit a person with a pen. Now, someone would say: why would you do that? What is the reason of that? How that makes any sense? So the way that I look at the way that I preach about it, is that this verse is talking about, and I’m sure you have a long experience with this, where you have, you know, married couples and they are having problems, they are not communicating and all of a sudden one side says: I want a divorce. The other side says: Ow, that comes [by surprise], I didn’t expect that to happen, right? So, really it is a situation where there’s a breakdown in communication. One side doesn’t understand how bad it’s getting for the other side. So this verse is about when the verbal communication breaks down you need to still communicate in other ways. So one way to communicate is you leave the bed, so in that way the wife knows , hey, this is really getting to a point where he is even going to leave in the bed and sleep somewhere else. And if that doesn’t work, then you tap the person, this is a type of non-verbal communication, this striking with a pen, with a twig, to say: this has reached its limit, I don’t have any other avenue after this other than divorce. And if that still doesn’t work you get a divorce… so that’s how I understand the verse, and that’s how the majority of Muslims understand the verse. Unfortunately, there are some Muslims, and domestic violence is a problem in all cultures, in all countries, in this country see the statistics are terrible, the same in the United States, and the same problem, sure the statistics in the Muslim world as well, and unfortunately some Muslims probably are prone to beat their wives anyways, then after they do it they the point to this verse. So I have an extra obligation to always clarify that this verse does not condone domestic violence in any way.”



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