Anti-Israel Gangs Campaign Against Toronto Raptors Proposed Trip to Israel

Anti-Israel Gangs Campaign Against Toronto Raptors Proposed Trip to Israel


June 17, 2019

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Toronto Raptors owner, Larry Tannenbaum, announced that he is planning to take the Toronto Raptors NBA Championship team on a trip to Israel. This has set off a campaign within the Islamic community and BDS organizations to pressure Toronto Raptors players to boycott Israel and cancel their trip.

The campaign has involved petitions, open letters, and protests aimed at the players. The Jewish Defence League is monitoring this anti-Israel campaign, and will counter the false claims of the BDS.

The following is part of the deceptive campaign of the BDS gangs:

Muslim Raptor Fans Chant ‘Free Palestine’

BDS Propaganda Letter to Toronto Raptors

BDS Propaganda Petition to the Toronto Raptors

Another BDS Propaganda Petition

‘Jewish’ BDS Propaganda Poll

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