Arab Social Media Celebrates Fires: ‘Please Allah, Let Israel Burn Entirely’

Arab Social Media Celebrates Fires: ‘Please Allah, Let Israel Burn Entirely’


November 24, 2016

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News reports about widespread forest fires in Israel this week have been met with jubilant reactions from some Arab social media users.

Hundreds of Israeli households have been evacuated in the north of the country and in the vicinity of Jerusalem over the past days, however few casualties have been reported.

The reports in the Arab media focused on the gravity of the fires and the fact that Israel may appeal for international assistance.



Many on Arab social media followed the news and gloated at the hardship that Israel is experiencing.

“I wish the fire catches on to their cloths and they start failing, then we’ll be able to get rid of them,” Elgeneral tweeted.

“Please Allah, let Israel burn entirely, Amen,” Mohammed Almasri wrote.

“May they burn on the grill like a kebab, in this world and the afterlife,” Shawky tweeted.

Abdul Salem gave the reports a political twist: “Yesterday in Kirdaha [Syrian President Bashar Assad’s hometown], today in the Zionist entity, and tomorrow, inshallah, in the dirty hearts of Tehran and Moscow.”

Ayman Hunaiti rejoiced: “A huge forest fire in Zichron Yaakov in the center of Israel, where the Jericho ballistic missiles are stored.”



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