Article Posting and Commentary Guidelines

Article Posting and Commentary Guidelines


July 31, 2018

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The Purpose of these Guidelines

Never Again Canada (NAC) posted content is the product of a large number of administrators who share a common interest in fighting anti-Jewish and anti-Israel incitement, but who carry diverse viewpoints that might enlighten and inform some, while offending others.

Free speech is a treasured value in a liberal and democratic society, and ought to be upheld even at the risk of giving offense (though the crossing over into incitement and hate speech is against Canadian law and beyond the pale of any reasonable expectation of free speech protection).

Visitors to the NAC Facebook page should be aware that there is no editorial oversight or hierarchy among the administrators of NAC. Articles are posted at the discretion of each administrator, and are not subject to the approval of any other administrator. No administrator holds themselves out as responsible for the posted content of any other administrator.

This decentralized structure allows the NAC page to convey frequent, hourly postings from a broad administrator pool of individuals who contribute to the page on a purely voluntary, non-committal basis. Though the frequent updates are a significant reason behind the page’s growing popularity, they may also be a source of criticism, in light of the lack of quality control and oversight.

Consequently, NAC cannot – and should not – be held to the standards of a news publication or broadcaster. It is no more than a social media platform that showcases public commentary on information and articles re-posted and/or linked from other sources whose reliability and accuracy cannot be validated prior to posting.

Nevertheless, all those who share article postings and comments on the NAC page should take upon themselves the responsibility to ensure that the common public interest goal of protesting against anti-Jewish incitement is not undermined by falling into the trap of those who otherwise wish to discredit this page and its followers as a source of hate speech and political extremism.

If you have an interest in protecting the integrity – and public interest value – of NAC’s primary goal to push back against anti-Jewish defamation, the following guidelines should therefore be taken to heart by each administrator who posts content, and by each follower of this page who wishes to post a comment.

Do Not Post Hateful and Inciteful Content

There is a definite line between posting comments that merely give offence and in posting material that might be punishable under Canada’s hate speech laws. Please be mindful of these laws, as they are intended to protect the public interest and to ensure that no member of any identifiable group risks physical harm from speech intended to incite.

If unsure as to whether your intended comments or posted material might cross the line, please refer to s.319 of the Canadian Criminal Code (, which covers inciteful hate speech via public communications.

As a Facebook page, NAC is also subject to Facebook’s Community Standards (

Do Not Employ This Page To Promote Any Particular Political Party

The common fight against ant-Jewish incitement should be a political interest that engages both left and right, liberal and conservative. In a climate, for instance, in which the mainstream media seeks to paint critiques of anti-Jewish incitement from Islamist sources as emanating from the “radical” right, it is important not to fall into the trap of turning off followers who share NAC’s common goal but who otherwise carry left of center political opinions.

Since the population of Canada splits roughly down the middle in terms of liberal and conservative political orientations, it is important to take a general bipartisan outlook when approaching the topic of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel incitement. If the goal is to spread the message to all about this important issue, it is utterly self-defeating to alienate half of your intended audience by signaling that their political affiliation makes them unwelcome here.

By all means, feel free to criticize the reigning government of the day for policies that have the effect of enabling anti-Jewish and anti-Israel incitement, but never lose sight of the goal that this shared issue between us should never be the province of just one side of the political aisle.

Make this page a safe and welcome space for your political opponent to share their views in the common fight against anti-Jewish and anti-Israel incitement. By doing so, you will help to discredit the disingenuous efforts of those who would otherwise seek to discredit NAC as a front for just one narrow political perspective.

Avoid Personal Ad Hominem Attacks Against Other Commenters

If you wish others to value and respect your opinions, then take care to respect theirs. Rude personal attacks have the counter-productive effect of taking the focus away from other comments that are thoughtful, insightful, and engaging. They lower the overall informational value of this page, when the common goal should be to raise it.

Try To Keep Postings and Comments Related to the Goal of Countering Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel Incitement

Celebrating the State of Israel and Jewish achievements is an important complement toward correcting misinformation about Jews and Israel; denigrating Muslims in general, along with their religious practices, is not.

If the goal is to fight against anti-Jewish and anti-Israel defamation from radical Islamist sources and from the media sources in Muslim majority countries, then the aim should be to win the hearts and minds of those who are being targeted for support by radical Islamists and by anti-Israel media.

General disparagement of Muslims and their religious practices wholly undermines the essential mission of NAC. Do not confuse anti-democratic regimes, and well- funded anti-Israel organizations, with the mass of constituents they purport to represent. By all means, feel free to criticize anti-Israel regimes and the individual purveyors of anti-Jewish hatred – but donot give into the temptation of confusing the messengers with their intended audience. To do so would be to play exactly into the hands of the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel strategists, which would entirely defeat the purpose of NAC.

Be sensitive to the fact that there are many Muslims who wish to speak out against radical extremism from within their ranks, but that there are scarce safe public spaces available from which to do so.

Not only do such people risk personal attack from the vocal extremists among them, but they also risk being mischaracterized, demonized, and attacked by a media that plays into the hands of well-funded organizations and community leaders that otherwise seek to conflate critiques against radical Islamists as defamatory attacks against Islam in general.

Realize, therefore, that the followers of NAC can do much in promoting its essential mission simply by working hard to ensure that this page will be a safe space for all Muslims to come and publicly contribute their much needed and valuable voices toward the goal of fighting anti-Jewish and anti-Israel incitement.

How better to accomplish this mission than to attract and drain away the pool of potential support from the extremists who are vying for their attention?

Try To Post Interesting, Reliable, and Information-Rich Content

Please do not be irresponsible and post information that you either know to be untrue or for which you have a reckless disregard as to whether it may be accurate.

Realize that anti-Jewish and anti-Israel defamation thrives on the fuel of myth, rumour, and disinformation. In order to properly counter such disinformation, you should endeavor to be a credible source of accurate and verifiable information.

Be mindful of the fact that those who wish to disparage NAC will seek to discredit it as a source for reliable information about anti-Jewish defamation. Do not employ your posts in a manner that provides them the evidence they desire in order to do so.

Where Israel is Concerned, the Media Can and Will Employ a Double Standard

Israel is a liberal, democratic , and thriving state that has been under a concerted, ongoing, and inter-generational threat of annihilation. Yet despite these unrelenting existential issues, the citizens of Israel have managed to create an air of normalization that the world has taken for granted, assuming that Israel’s current strength and stability can be maintained by sacrificing the fundamental security elements that have long undergirded its stability.

It is important to emphasize that Israel is also an essentialsource of stability and security for its non-Jewish citizens, where Muslims and Christians are free to express their opinions and to develop their human potential without fear of persecution, in a region otherwise lacking in such opportunity.

The Western media is aware of such facts, but views the Jewish State as a proxy by which to expiate historical Western sins. The proponents of this viewpoint see Israel as a “Western” colonial outpost. It must therefore make sacrifices and take risks in order to validate its continued existence.

But in doing so, if its Jewish citizenry happens to be sacrificed on the altar of political science, then so be it.

In countering anti-Israel defamation, it is not necessary to point out the counter-facts of Israel that everyone already knows. A morally defensive argument in favour of Israel merely strengthens the opinion of its critics that Israel requires moral justification in order to validate its existence.

To effectively counter anti-Israel defamation in the Western media, it is important to call out and to logically dissect the hypocrisy and moral negligence of its critics.

In countless ways, the media ruins Palestinian lives, for instance, by actively misrepresenting Israeli intentions to them, fostering an air of bitterness among Palestinians while inciting them toward measures that only have the foreseeable effect of further undermining their daily lives.

Journalistic negligence and moral self-aggrandizement (or narcissism) is at the root of such misrepresentation. In short, such journalists would negligently throw under the bus

both Jews and Palestinians in order to (mis)frame a desired narrative that flatters their own moral outlook.

To counter the moral negligence of the mainstream media on the subject of Israel, it is important to put them on the defensive, to have them defend against their double standards and lack of balance, to call them out for egging on the Palestinians to irresponsibly ruin their lives – because the moral narcissist sees more personal profit in casting blame on Israel than in constructively suggesting a way forward for Palestinians to engage with Israelis in order to better their daily lives.

The average Israeli instinctually understands this – that the so-called “progressive” Western critics of Israel would much rather see the Palestinians wallow in misery than to suggest any course of action that both lets Israel off the hook and improves Palestinian lives.

As every Israeli knows, the key to improving Palestinian life – even in the absence of political resolution – is to put an end to the air of incitement and fostering of Palestinian grievance.

Palestinian grievance is the tool that despotic Arab regimes have cynically employed in the hopes of keeping the Jewish State perpetually in a state of siege. Palestinian grievance is the opioid that Western moral narcissists inject themselves with in order to gratify their egos that they are morally enlightened.

In playing out this moral drama, they need to cast Israeli Jews – and their defenders – as morally deficient, as parochial, extremist, and “ultra”- nationalistic.

To counter them, Israel’s defenders need to call out the critics’ self-interested and negligent misrepresentations of Israeli intentions.

Are Israel’s critics more interested in blaming Israel…or in improving Palestinian lives?

This is the essential question that needs to be posed again and again to Israel’s defamers in the mainstream media. Call them out for what they are – as the morally self-interested facilitators and enablers of the hatred that keeps this conflict festering, to the detriment of Jews and Arabs alike.

It’s a perspective that NAC’s administrators and commentators should keep in mind as they move forward with their anti-defamation goals.



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