Assault on Israel Begins * Protest Rally on March 18th in Geneva

Assault on Israel Begins * Protest Rally on March 18th in Geneva


March 6, 2019

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Assault on Israel Begins: UN Inquiry Calls to Arrest IDF Soldiers, Sanctions, Asset Freeze

GENEVA, March 5 – The UN’s 47-nation Human Rights Council is planning to launch an unprecedented assault against Israel on March 18th, when the Jewish state will be singled out for an entire day—a pariah treatment meted out to no other nation—as the council presents seven separate reports alleging Israeli war crimes. (See below on UN Watch’s response and protest rally.)

The March 18th assault will culiminate in five biased resolutions condemning Israel, the drafts of which have been obtained by UN Watch. Iran, North Korea and Syria will get only one resolution each, while there will be none on Turkey, Zimbabwe, China, Pakistan and other oppressive regimes.

An early version of one of the reports was released at a surprise press conference on Thursday, when the UNHRC’s commission of inquiry into Israel’s “assault” on “civilian protests” on the Gaza border accused Israel of “crimes against humanity.”

Meanwhile, the office of UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet launched a social media blitzkrieg against Israel to support the inquiry’s war crimes allegations, calling into question the commissioners’ indepedence from the notoriouly anti-Israeli Geneva-based staffers, who in 2009 orchestrated the infamous Goldstone Report.

Significantly, the new Gaza inquiry’s report calls on countries around the world to “arrest persons alleged to have committed the international crimes” — in other words, Israeli soldiers and commanders — and to subject them to “individual sanctions” including “a travel ban or an assets freeze.”

The report further calls for the UN rights chief to “manage the dossiers on the alleged [Israeli] perpetrators,” to be provided to national and international tribunals, “including the International Criminal Court.”

IDF soldiers “intentionally shot children, they intentionally shot people with disabilities, they intentionally shot journalists,” said commissioner Sara Hossain of Bangladesh.

UN Watch, which submitted a series of detailed submissions of fact and law to the inquiry, expressed grave disappointment that these were entirely ignored by the UN, and released its initial response to the report, which gives a free pass to Hamas terrorists.

Enough is Enough: Appeal to Join March 18th Protest Rally Facing UNHRC in Geneva

GENEVA, March 5—UN Watch appeals to all supporters of Israel’s right to exist in peace and security to join our rally on March 18th in Geneva, featuring distinguished speakers, to oppose the UN’s relentless discrimination against the Jewish state.

We will gather to speak out and demand equality and justice when, on that day, the UN Human Rights Council will launch an unprecedented assault against the basic human rights of Israelis, and against the UN’s own founding principles.

We will demand equality and justice when, on that day, the Council will hear the report of its latest Commission of Inquiry–whose verdict was determined in advance—into Israel’s “large-scale assault” on “civilian” protesters at the Gaza border.

We will demand equality and justice when, on that day, the UNHRC will release a report on their upcoming blacklist of companies who do business over the Green Line, a thinly veiled form of anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions.

And we will demand equality and justice when, on that day, the UNHRC will release another five reports singling out Israel — the only democracy in the Middle East — and yet none on gross abuses committed by China, Turkey, Cuba, and other of the world’s worst regimes.

Moreover, we will remind the United Nations, and the world, that since the founding of the UNHRC in 2006, this body has adopted more resolutions against Israel than on Iran, Syria and North Korea combined; convened more urgent sessions and inquiries on Israel than on any other country; and continues to single out Israel alone, under a permanent agenda item, at every one of its meetings.

And we will remind the world that the UN General Assembly in 2018 targeted Israel with 21 one-sided resolutions, compared to a total of six on the rest of the world combined. Meanwhile, there were zero UNGA resolutions on the human rights situations in China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Cuba, Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam, Algeria or in 175 other countries.

Enough is enough!

It’s time for the UN to end its pattern and practice of bigotry and prejudice against the world’s only Jewish state. It’s time to stand up and speak out.

Come join us in Geneva on March 18th. For information on buses coming from across France, Italy and Switzerland, click here. For other queries, email

If you can’t join in person, please sign the petition. We have 5,000 signatures already, but need to reach 10,000 before presenting it at the United Nations.

Finally, please help us organize the strongest possible rally by donating here.

The rally will be broadcast live on March 18th at, and



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