Australia: Muslim MP says offending Muslims is “racist” even though Islam isn’t a race

Australia: Muslim MP says offending Muslims is “racist” even though Islam isn’t a race


April 3, 2017

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This is from BuzzFeed, and so the vicious bias is not surprising, but this is a particularly striking, and revolting, example of a hard-Left propagandist running interference for the imposition of Sharia blasphemy laws. Muslim MP Anne Aly explains that “anti-Muslim hatred” should be considered racist.

No violence against any innocent person is ever justified, whether it’s called “racism” or not. The problem here is that numerous Islamic groups have made clear that in referring to “anti-Muslim hatred,” they mean not just attacks on or harassment of innocent Muslims, but also any honest analysis of how jihad terrorists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and make recruits among peaceful Muslims. Thus to label this racist is an attempt to shut down all critical analysis of the jihad terrorists’ motivating ideology; they will then be able to advance unopposed and unimpeded.



Anne Aly would have you believe that those who oppose jihad terror and Sharia supremacism “have the same motivations as racism.” Yes, that’s right: in Anne Aly’s world, opposing jihad terror and speaking about its Qur’anic justifications stems from the same impulse as segregated drinking fountains. She doesn’t even entertain the possibility that someone might oppose jihad terror and Sharia oppression out of a concern to preserve and defend societies that respect human rights and the freedom of speech.

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“This Muslim Politician Nailed Why The ‘Islam Is Not A Race’ Argument Doesn’t Work,” by Mark Di Stefano, BuzzFeed, April 1, 2017:

Last week Labor’s Dr Anne Aly sparked conservative outrage as parliament debated reforming Australia’s Racist Discrimination Act, by suggesting attacks aimed at Muslims should also be covered under the law.

Aly sat down for the latest episode of BuzzFeed Australia’s political podcast Is It On?, laying out *her* argument for anti-Muslim hatred being considered racist.

BuzzFeed wouldn’t dream, of course, of letting opponents of her measure explain themselves.

She is also well aware of the “but Islam is not a race” retort used by trolls online:

You see, it’s only “trolls online” who dare to assert that Islam is not a race. No serious person would think such a crazy thing.

Aly explains:

Because (attacks on Muslims) have the same motivations as racism and the same impacts of racism. So you can define racism as only being about a certain category or in terms of its mobilisers and its impacts. If you look at its mobilisers then you would consider hate speech against Muslims, racism.

BuzzFeed then bats down another objection to Aly’s absurd argument:

Dr Aly, who worked as de-radicalisation expert

On “deradicalization,” see here.

before entering parliament last year, brushed off a claim by Liberal MP Tim Wilson that she’s actually arguing for blasphemy laws.

She pointed to the fact that hatred against Jewish people and Sikhs could both be protected under the Act’s controversial 18C, despite neither being “a race”….

Australia needs to clarify what exactly a “race” is, and how it proposes to distinguish between legitimate criticism and “racism.” In any case, if Aly’s proposal is adopted, it will be the death of Australia as a free society.



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