BedermanBlog/Let’s fight antisemitism in our schools

BedermanBlog/Let’s fight antisemitism in our schools


November 14, 2020

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I am a member of the board of Hasbara Fellowships Canada. I enclosing a link to a fantastic fundraising event for Hasbara Canada.

Hasbara Canada Fellowships raises money for advocating for peace and coexistence and to educate education and train high school and university students to stand up for Jews and Israel. One would have hoped that this would no longer be necessary. We live in a world that screams “Stop racism,” but not against the Jews. Jew hatred is at levels that matches,  if not surpasses, the hate in Germany in 1933. 

A webinar shared by York Palestine Solidarity Collective (PSC) and UBC Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) took place November 7 at universities in Canada where the invited guest speakers,  Miko Peled, Diana Buttu, and Lina Hadid shared their views. Peled claimed “any form of resistance [against Israel] is justified” and referred to Israel’s very existence as “a hate crime.” Previously he tweeted that “Jews have a reputation for being greedy thieves.” 

Buttu meanwhile denounced what she referred to as “Jewish supremacy.” She denounced “Jewish supremacy” and encouraged students to participate in intifada (Arabic for “uprising”), which in the Arab-Israeli context includes the indiscriminate murder of thousands of Israelis, Jewish and non-Jewish alike.  

These people are allowed to speak, with impunity, at Canadian universities to students of every race, colour, creed and sexual orientation, spreading Jew hatred everywhere.  

Here is a link to more information on the webinar 

We cannot stand by in silence and allow this hate to be spread on our campuses. 

Silence is collusion. 

Every dollar raised will be matched! 

This is a competition! And I want to win for Hasbara! 

Help me raise the most money! 

Here is the link. Just click and donate. 



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