BREAKING: Obama Backs Down After Ted Cruz Directly Challenges Him on Israel [VIDEO]


July 28, 2014

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President Obama continues to take bold steps of action that reveal his true feelings toward Israel, and so far, they aren’t positive.

Obama started straining U.S. relations with Israel when he asked them to use “restraint” when dealing with terrorists who were constantly bombing their country and killing their children, which is a ludicrous thing to suggest, as no nation in the world would follow that advice.

The president continued to make things worse by warning the Israeli military not to invade Gaza with ground operations, and then slamming them when they did, placing the blame for Palestinian casualties on their shoulders, rather than on Hamas.

It didn’t seem as if Obama could possibly make his dislike for the nation of Israel any clearer, until he decided to place an FAA ban on flights in and out of the country, nearly cutting off Israel from the outside world.

This move angered many conservatives and Israel supporters, including Sen. Ted Cruz. According to TPNN, Cruz appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program and announced that since the State Department was refusing to answer his questions related to the ban, and the Obama administration’s funding of Hamas, he was going to hold all State Department nominees.

“Is the Obama administration giving 47 million dollars that will go to Hamas who is actively trying to kill civilians while simultaneously imposing millions of dollars of economic harms on our friend and ally Israel? The State Department needs to answer those questions, and Sean, I announced today that in response to that refusal to answer from the State Department, I intend to hold all State Department nominees until they answer these questions. Congress deserves to know and the American people deserve to know, was this politics from the White House or was this an airline safety decision and I think the facts strongly suggest it was politics in an effort to strong arm the nation of Israel.”

Not long after Cruz made this announcement, the FAA ban was suddenly lifted.

It seems that Sen. Cruz was absolutely correct in assuming the FAA ban was inspired by political motivations.

It’s clear that Barack Obama, who sees Hamas as the good guys, doesn’t care much for the nation of Israel, and is working very hard to destroy our relationship with them.

Israel is perhaps the only ally America has in the Middle East, and to damage that relationship puts us at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to foreign policy in that region of the world.

Since Obama is funding Hamas, a terrorist organization, it’s safe to say it’s time for impeachment. He must be removed from office immediately and the only way for that to happen is for the American people to put pressure on their representatives to take that course of action.



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