Canadian who claimed Nazi death camps had no gas chambers arrested in Germany

Canadian who claimed Nazi death camps had no gas chambers arrested in Germany


January 5, 2018

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Former Green Party of Canada candidate who infamously claimed that there were no gas chambers in Nazi death camps was arrested in Munich, Germany following a complaint by B’nai Brith Canada, a Jewish advocacy group. According to her brother, she was arrested for “hate speech” and moved to a high security prison where she is to be kept indefinitely.

In a video called “Sorry, mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”, Monika Schaefer described the Holocaust as “the most persistent lie in all of history,” claimed that victims of Nazi death camps “were kept as healthy and as well-fed as was possible” and asserted that “there were no gas chambers there” and “the only gas that was used was to get rid of the lice”.

She also denounced “the 6-million lie” and urged the viewers read the works of Ernst Z√ľndel, a German Holocaust denier who was deported from Canada to stand trial in Germany in 2005, where he was sentenced to five years imprisonment for incitement to hatred against a national, racial or religious group.

In a video produced by an organization called Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), which on its website claims that “eyewitness testimony about homicidal Nazi gas chambers is false”, Schaefer urged an “open debate” on the Holocaust.

“If the evidence supported the Holocaust, they wouldn’t need laws prohibiting debate. They would show us the evidence. Only lies need to be protected by laws. The truth stands on its own”, she said.

Following the arrest, Schaefer’s brother Alfred Schaefer sent an email to “Glaring Hypocrisy”, a website whose stated mission is to “cuts through the deception to expose the lies and hypocrisy of the Jew World Order as it continues to tighten its grip on humanity”. In the email, Schaefer, accuses Jews, who “nibble on the foreskins off of little 8 day old baby boys”, of flooding Europe with millions of African and Asian refugees in order to turn it “into Lagos or Calcutta type slums that can no longer resist Jewish hegemony”.

“To put Monika Schaefer in prison because she apologized to her Mom is making many people very angry and not helping people “like” the Jews very much. In fact, this may give Jews who want to come clean and join humanity, the opportunity to help us get Monika out of prison. So, if you are a Jew, we have many JEWdicial costs to cover, and helping Monika out of prison can be used as proof that you are a “good” Jew. Just contact me and we can work together.”, Schaefer wrote in his email.

In 1985, the German parliament passed legislation making it a crime to deny the genocide of the Jews during WWII. Since 1994, the law was tightened and anyone who publicly endorses, denies or plays down the Holocaust faces a maximum penalty of five years in jail and no less than the imposition of a fine.

Holocaust denial is not illegal in Canada, but in a few rare instances it was prosecuted under the Criminal Code as a hate crime. In 1985, Holocaust denier and teacher Jim Keegstra was convicted under Section 319 of the Criminal Code (public incitement of hatred). Keegstra’s conviction was overturned by an Alberta appeals court but restored by the Supreme Court of Canada in 1990.



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