Canadian lawyer: Israel has exclusive right to Jerusalem

Canadian lawyer: Israel has exclusive right to Jerusalem


January 4, 2017

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In a 1,200 page thesis researched over 20 years at the University of Geneva’s political science department and international law school, a Canadian international human rights lawyer who has served as legal counsel to various governments including the governments of France, Spain, Mexico and Canada, concludes that Israel has a legal right to occupy territories under its control since 1967, including East Jerusalem and its Old City. To read Thomas Ice’s article on Gauthier’s thesis click HERE.

In the thesis, entitled “Sovereignty Over the Old City of Jerusalem”, Jacques Gauthier demonstrates in painstaking detail the conclusion that after examination of international law pertaining to belligerent occupation, until such time that a peace treaty is concluded, only Israel possesses the exclusive title of ownership over Jerusalem.



Gauthier, who is not Jewish, has presented his findings to the House of Commons in London, the Japanese parliament, the European parliament and a congressional committee in Washington.

Contrary to the claims made by Palestinian leaders, various NGOs, and certain members of the international community, international law fully recognizes the Jewish people historic claim to Jerusalem, which they have inhabited continuously for over 3,000 years and have been the largest ethnic group in the city since 1820.


To read full article from CIJ News, click HERE.




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