The “Virtuous” New Nazis

September 17, 2016

  Meet the packs of new Nazis, posing as Righteousness and Virtue, pursuing new exterminationist policies against Israel and, right … Continue reading “The “Virtuous” New Nazis”

The Boycott Israel Phenomenon

September 12, 2016

Israel has prevailed against greater odds. The war against the Jewish state has taken several forms since Israel was established … Continue reading “The Boycott Israel Phenomenon”

Report: Abbas was a K.G.B. agent

September 8, 2016

  Documents smuggled to London from Moscow by former KGB archivist and defector Vasili Mitrokhin list the Palestinian Authority President … Continue reading “Report: Abbas was a K.G.B. agent”

Israel: Muslim attempts to run over police and border police forces

September 5, 2016

We have seen a spate of such attacks recently — and a billboard in Nazareth that actually called for them. … Continue reading “Israel: Muslim attempts to run over police and border police forces”

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