CBC: Controversial Muslim chaplain “to stay with force for now”

CBC: Controversial Muslim chaplain “to stay with force for now”


November 6, 2016

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Police spokesperson Meaghan Gray told CBC News that Musleh Khan, who was recently appointed to Toronto police chaplain, met with Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders, and “would like an opportunity to be heard by members of the Toronto Police Service.” She added, “We will be facilitating that opportunity. In the meantime, he continues as a volunteer chaplain.”

Musleh Khan came under fire following controversial statements on women’s rights. As part of his activity for Pure Matrimony, Musleh Khan held in March 2013 a webinar entitled ‘The Heart of The Home: The Rights And Responsibilities of A Wife’.

In this webinar he referred, among other issues, Khan explained the wife’s duties in her relationship with her husband, including the prohibition to refrain from having conjugal relations whenever her husband desires unless she has “a valid excuse.”

According to Musleh Khan, the husband is the only leader of the family;the wife should be obedient to her husband at all times” including when he calls her to bed; she should “ask her husband’s permission before leaving the home” and “is obliged to serve her husband.”

In a lecture during the Islamic Awareness Week at the University of Saskatchewan organized in 2014 by the Muslim Students Association (MSA), Musleh Khan explained how gently and cleverly Mohammad treated his 9-year-old wife Aisha.

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