Child Abuse at Al Quds Day

Child Abuse at Al Quds Day


June 13, 2019

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These children were picked up by bus from a mosque in the Thorncliffe Park neighnbourhood to participate and sing at Al Quds Day in downtown Toronto. The words of their song called for the destruction of Israel.

The Jewish Defence League is calling on the public to report such child abuse and neglect to the Children’s Aid Society at 416-924-4646. Your call will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nasim Asgari is a 21 year-old Iranian-Canadian who studies human rights and equity studies at York University in Toronto. She was a speaker at Al-Quds Day rally in Toronto (June 1, 2019) and her poetry was promoted by CBC.

Tweet 1

“…love to the muslims who are continuously left out. out of eid [Al-Fitr] celebrations & considerations. the ones doing eid the same day as the 3rd day of nba finals, the ones who have constantly had to tiptoe on the outskirts of the ‘ummah’ [Muslim nation], the ones who don’t have community, are alone…”

Tweet 2

“…also, death to saudi occupied arabia. death to the tyrants of the world, the oppressors of the world, including amerikka [USA] & zionist state [Israel], colonial ‘canada’, the tory government [of Ontario], the nations killing their own people & then some.”

Here is an excerpt from Nasim Asgari’s statements in an interview to drstv YouTube channel during Al-Quds Day rally on Toronto (June 1, 2019):

“Canada is a white supremacist colonial, racist project as is Israel – as is the State of Israel. So I don’t even consider myself to be a Canadian, because this is indigenous land and this land is occupied. So the people who are here, whether they are settlers… We first need to educate ourselves about what has happened on this land and what is continuously happening in order to understand what our government – or ‘this government’ – is doing abroad and overseas.”

The same student, Nasim Asgari, of Iranian origin, when she was 17, complained about her high school teacher being ‘anti-Islam’ which led to the teacher being fired. She was one of several Richmond Green Secondary School students who discovered the anti-Islam tweets. Asgari, who claims to be a practitioner of Islam, graduated from the high school, where she said a significant portion of the students come from Muslim backgrounds.

Ontario High School Teacher Fired After 10 Week Investigation Into Series of ‘Anti-Islam’ Tweets

The Jewish Defence League calls on the Conservative Provincial Government to review and re-evaluate the actions of the previous liberal government which led to the firing of the Richmond Hill school teacher. When children are being taught to promote radical Islam and extol Al Quds Day, it is incumbent upon all public school teachers to let it be known that such conduct is unacceptable and is not to be tolerated in our public schools. The Jewish Defence League will put together a more comprehensive report and will be communicating our concerns with all levels of government.

Join the JDL for this Important Event

Pastor David Lynn will share the tragic story of his arrest

Monday, June 17, 2019
7:00 PM
Toronto Zionist Centre
788 Marlee Avenue

On Monday May 20th, Toronto Police provided an escort to an anti Israel gang (without a permit) to disrupt the Walk for Israel which took place within the Toronto Jewish Community. The anti Israel gang used loud speakers and displayed antisemitic signs. At one point, these anti Israel gangs stood on the front lawns of homes of members of the Jewish Community and parked a truck in the middle of a residential street. The Toronto police actually threatened members of the Jewish Community with arrest for taking a stand against these anti Israel gangs. And prior to the Walk for Israel, a leader of this anti Israel gang actually took a video of himself outside a Jewish Congregation and went on an antisemitic rant. And the police did not even speak with him.

On Saturday June 1st, Al Quds Day took place without any permit and Toronto Police again provided an escort of over 100 policemen. And Police threatened to arrest anyone who opposed Al Quds Day. On full display at Al Quds Day were antisemitic signs and banners. Some people openly called for violence.

Earlier this week, Toronto Police arrested a Christian Pastor for preaching his religion in Downtown Toronto. Pastor David Lynn is an innocent victim:

Walk for Israel Video Shows Police Bias

Al Quds Day Video Which Again Shows Police Bias

Video of Pastor David Lynn Which Shows the Complete Double Standards of the Police

Now is the time to take action. Join the JDL and say Never Again to these blatant double standards!

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