The Left’s deceptive concern regarding antisemitism emboldens Islamic and left-wing Jew hatred

The Left’s deceptive concern regarding antisemitism emboldens Islamic and left-wing Jew hatred


May 6, 2019

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Since the devastating and reprehensible acts of terror and violence committed against Jews in Pittsburgh and Poway and Muslims in New Zealand, we have seen an unprecedented rise in hypocrisy, mainly from those on the left side of the political spectrum.

Following the horrific shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill on October 27, 2018, which resulted in 11 innocent lives lost and 7 injured, and then the Chabad of Poway on April 27th, 2019 which saw 1 dead and 3 injured, the heartache and devastation was felt throughout the world. The feelings of remorse and sadness were met with anger and condemnation of the hatred expressed towards the Jewish community. What was particularly notable however, was the left’s immediate politicization and exploitation of the terror attack in order to push a narrative, one being, that there is an alarming rise in white nationalism, white supremacy and the so-called alt-right.

The same approach was taken almost immediately following the New Zealand mosque shooting after which, rhetoric about the alt-right and white nationalism spread like wildfire throughout mainstream media, along with the portrayal of Muslims as the most persecuted group throughout the Western world. The Prime Minister of New Zealand herself even sported a hijab and urged fellow Kiwis to do the same in “solidarity” with Muslims everywhere.


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern dawns a hijab following the Christchurch mosque shooting.


Self-proclaimed anti-hate organizations and NGO’s flooded social media in abundance, excited to promote the tale of how white nationalists or Neo-Nazis were hiding around every corner, waiting for that perfect opportunity to launch an assault on an unsuspecting minority. But among the ramped up virtue signalling and attempts at achieving brownie points for moral superiority, some of the most virulent hatred and bigotry went completely unnoticed by these warriors of social justice.

In response to the Tree of Life and Poway attacks, these very anti-hate groups spoke out tirelessly against antisemitism and urged an end to the virulent hatred. Known rabid anti-Semites like Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were quick to join in the collective denouncement with those on the left fully accepting their words of remorse at face value. The left’s acceptance of the above three mentioned women, among others, alleging their support for the Jewish community in a time of mourning either demonstrates a wilful ignorance or blatant hypocrisy.



Democrats and Liberals have shown us that in their eyes, hatred and bigotry are only such when expressed or perpetrated by someone of white skin tone or who allegedly, as perceived by themselves, aligns with the right-wing or holds right of centre beliefs. If you are a visible minority, or hold far left beliefs, you have been awarded the privilege of free speech, even when that speech includes vitriol and hate. While the left collectively condemned the synagogue shooting and denounced antisemitism, they, in contrast, refuse to denounce Islamist and leftist hatred of Jews, which is poorly veiled as “criticism of Israeli policy” as antisemitism. They also refuse to denounce the constant attacks against the State of Israel by Hamas terrorists and instead, justify then as “resistance” against an imaginary occupation.

Bernie Farber’s and Evan Balgord’s Canadian Anti-Hate Network has not lived up to its name and has repeatedly ignored vile left-wing and Islamic hatred taking place in Canada and has instead, chosen the slothful approach of portraying the “alt-right” as a far greater threat and problem than it actually is. Hundreds if not thousands of Hezbollah flag-clad Islamists and leftists congregating at Queen’s Park each summer in order to advocate genocide against the people of Israel while holding up portraits of the Ayatollah Khomeini do not constitute hatred according to the Anti-Hate Network’s definition and as a result, are ignored. If Faith Goldy or Doug Ford sneeze, or someone merely glances in the direction of a woman in a hijab however, Balgord and Farber are there to tell Canadians how it stands as proof there is a strong presence of white supremacy.


Islamists and leftists wave Hezbollah flags and hold up portraits of the Ayatollah Khomeini in Toronto during the annual Al Quds Day March in 2018


In Canadian Anti-Hate’s defence, they are simply following in the path set forth by the mainstream media, Democrat and Liberal politicians. One cannot fault them for what social engineering has taught them. This is the very social engineering that has educated the impressionable and naive to believe that likening Jewish Israelis with Nazis is socially acceptable and not antisemitism while simply referencing Islamic Terrorism is blatantly “Islamophobic”.



So while the left will profess to care about antisemitism when someone who is white in colour or allegedly aligned with the right is involved, they will contradict these concerns with outright justification and even support for Jew hatred when expressed by Islamists and their political allies.



By Never Again Canada




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