Who Is Firas (Hussaini) Al Najim?

Who Is Firas (Hussaini) Al Najim?


September 8, 2019

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Residents of Canada’s most predominant Jewish community in Thornhill, Ontario have regrettably become well acquainted with the outlandish wardrobe along with the garrulous and loquacious nature of one Firas (Hussaini) Al Najim.

Sporting a Che Guevara-style beret emblazoned in “Palestinian” flags, the ill-famed Al Najim has become the face of the BDS Movement to residents of Canada’s most substantial Jewish neighbourhood. Thornhill is also home to Canada’s largest Israeli community and this has made it an easy target for Al Najim’s boycott campaign. (See: Firas Al Najim’s Timeline of Antisemitism: Human Rights Activist or Enabler & Purveyor of Hatred?)

During the course of the last six months, Firas Al Najim (or Hussaini Al Najim on Facebook) has been frequently spotted in the Thornhill area skulking around parking lots, a Jewish Day School and photographing Israeli businesses in order to encourage a boycott of their products. He first gained notoriety for a video he made outside the B’nei Torah congregation in North York, in which he targeted “Zionists” over a UJA sign on the property that was promoting the annual Walk for Israel family event along with the Jewish National Fund.

In May 2018 during the Walk with Israel, Al Najim along with other BDS supporters stationed themselves at the final checkpoint of the walk, in order to “welcome” pro-Israel families, children, and happy parents with their hateful and libelous signage. It was at this moment when Al Najim discovered a newfound obsession with Canada’s Jewish community that supports Israel.


Firas/Hussaini Al Najim with other anti-Israel protesters during 2018’s Walk with Israel near the Prince’s Gates in Toronto.


But who is Firas, Hussaini Al Najim, and from where did he emerge?

A search for his name on LinkedIn disclosed that he is presently employed by a company called “Zispan”, which specializes in advertising and signage. A Never Again Canada associate contacted Zispan in order to inquire about Al Najim’s employment at their firm and was told by a representative there; “Please be advised that since 2018 Firas does not work for or represent Zispan.”

Then the plot thickened and increasingly grew more compelling, as further research utilizing the site https://opencorporates.com/ revealed that Al Najim had incorporated his not-for-profit organization, “Canadian Defenders For Human Rights” (CD4HR) (Corporation number: 1067715-9) on March 12, 2018, and then added his now co-manager, Aliyawa Jamal Hasan as its second director on May 27, 2018. Al Najim’s LinkedIn profile alleges he established the organization in 2015, although, only actually incorporating it nearly 3 years later. CD4HR’s Twitter account also only joined the platform in February of 2018, and the website cd4hr.ca was registered on April 5th, 2018 with their Facebook page’s transparency revealing it to have been opened on March 29 of 2018.


CD4HR’s Twitter account.


Prior to 2018’s Walk with Israel, Al Najim was an unknown entity and was never introduced as a keynote speaker or dominate voice at any of the yearly Al-Quds Day anti-Israel rallies, nor was he a notable figure or loud voice at any other protest or event. He essentially emerged out of the blue in early 2018 and plunged straight into spearheading a bias toward the pro-Israel Jewish people under a poorly veiled guise of criticism of the Israeli government and so-called human rights.


Firas (Hussaini) Al Najim (right) and Aliya Hasan (left) co-managers of CD4HR lead a crowd down Bathurst Street through the Jewish community during 2019’s Walk with Israel.


Both his personal Facebook and Twitter accounts divulge Al-Najim to also focus a portion of his attention and condemnation on Saudi Kingdom interests but show his primary fixations to be Israel and Zionism. While most Canadians will share Al Najim’s sentiments concerning the fascist, Sharia Law-ruled, Wahhabist theocracy that is Saudi Arabia, there has at the very minimum, been somewhat of a cultural shift from the Islamic nation since Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al-Saud purged many terror-affiliated elements, and reformed some aspects of the country’s 7th century policies. While condemnation of Saudi Arabia and its long record of human rights abuses are justified, it begs the question of why, if a defender of human rights as Al Najim alleges his non-profit to be, does it refuse to denounce the Iranian regime and its brutality towards the Iranian people, specifically its women and LGBT members?

Both Saudi Arabia and Israel are the primary enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and it’s many proxies.

Al Najim also attends gatherings hosted by The National Council for Canadian Muslims (NCCM), (formerly CAIR-Canada) including a September 4th, 2019 discussion with Canadian Muslim Vote President Ali Manek which NCCM organized. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was exposed as having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and was revealed to be promoting a 50-year plan of their Da’wa (proselytizing of Islam) in America and Canada. It is still unclear, however, if NCCM reciprocates support for Al Najim or embraces his so-called human rights advocacy.

Al Najim’s LinkedIn account also shows a 6-year gap from 2009-2015 where no record of employment or involvement in advocacy is listed while prior, he had listed his position as a Sales Specialist at Mortgagebrokers.com.

Documents obtained by Never Again Canada from the Canadian Government’s Corporations Canada records show 3 different addresses related to CD4HR with two residential locations in Kitchener and Etobicoke and one commercial address situated in Mississauga at 2800 Skymark Avenue, Unit #200. Following his debut in 2018, Al Najim has been frequently spotted in North York whether in a park with his giant Palestinian flag arguing with a disabled Israeli or atop a large rock with the same flag singing in Arabic, but a recent video posted by himself to CD4HR’s Facebook page suggests that he is currently residing in Mississauga. When questioned by a follower in the comments about his sudden relocation from North York to Mississauga, Al Najim replied: “Are we not allowed to have several properties in Canada”? 


2800 Skymark Avenue in Mississauga


Al Najim also mentioned on his LinkedIn profile from 2017 to present, that he currently works as a manager for a business named “Canadian Database for Human Resources” (also CD4HR) which describes itself as “a database of the most professional Lawyers, Accountants, Realtors, Insurance Brokers & much more, we at CD4HR.co are at your service.” The website mentioned in the description, CD4HR.co is not in service and both GoDaddy.com and Name.com list the domain as currently available for purchase.  A search for the business name on Google also turned up 0 results for a company, business or firm by that name.

The Google Reviews for CD4HR are also worthy of mention as they raise questions concerning the true purpose of the not-for-profit organization. The reviews are contributed entirely by members of the Islamic community, including one Fitness firm named Konga Fitness which appears to have Islamic trainers employed at its studio. The reviews thank CD4HR for various different services including government law, criminal and civil lawyers, to accounting and search engine optimization services (SEO).



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