German city uses taxpayer funds to promote wearing the burqa

German city uses taxpayer funds to promote wearing the burqa


January 18, 2018

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It is more likely that Dresden is referring to the niqab, not the burqa as such, but in any case, this is yet another sign that the Germans know what is coming, and are doing their best to prepare their people for it. Germany’s future will not actually be diverse and multicultural. It will be quite monochromatic.

“German city promotes wearing the burqa using taxpayer money,” Voice of Europe, January 17, 2018:

The Adult Education Centre (VHS) in Dresden will present a course next summer called: Dress codes in Islam. Participants can test burqas and other ‘women oppressing’ Islamic garments.



According to the course book “colourful headgears make curious about the wearers” and people can try out “how a burqa feels”.

The initiative is criticised by Muslim feminist Seyran Ates, who thinks that the course consolidates the traditional role of women in Islam. “The language used in the description of the course uncritically diminishes the worldviews behind the cover: a society in which the sexes are as far apart as possible”, she said….

A spokeswoman of the education centre says “that she sees it as a place of integration. The course is “value-free” and serves citizens to form an opinion.”…The event is funded with taxpayer money from the City of Dresden.


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