Hamas calls Trump ‘deluded’ for his Middle East outlook

Hamas calls Trump ‘deluded’ for his Middle East outlook


November 12, 2016

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Hamas leader the terrorist Khaled Mashaal on Thursday said that US President-elect Donald Trump is “deluded” if he thinks he can ignore Palestinian issues during his presidency.

This marks the second day running that the terrorist organization has reached out to Trump, with today’s message transmitted via Qatar, which hosts Mashaal and other Hamas officials.

“We say to Trump, there will not be stability in the region without Palestinian rights,” Mashaal communicated in a public statement.

Mashaal also called into question the US-Israel alliance, saying that the Jewish state is “a burden” on the US. “We urge you to be fair with the Palestinian people, to correct the discriminatory policy towards the Israeli crimes made day and night.”

Saying that the Palestinians are capable of “changing the course of history,” the outgoing Mashaal, who is stepping down at the end of his term, said Trump must not “give a green light to Israel.”

Hamas on Wednesday urged US President-elect Donald Trump to “bring justice to the Palestinians.”

Speaking to reporters in Gaza, the Islamist group spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, said: “The Palestinian people are not very much concerned about the changes in American policies towards the Palestinian cause because such a policy is constant and is based on bias in favor of the Israeli occupation. However, we urge the American President to re-evaluate this policy and to work on bringing justice to the Palestinians.”

Trump’s advisor Jason Greenblatt has said the incoming premier does not oppose Israeli construction over the Green Line.


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