Islamicv Centre Urges Toronto Prayer subway; muslim prayer

Islamicv Centre Urges Toronto Prayer subway; muslim prayer


January 25, 2019

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JDL Letter to Toronto Mayor John Tory Regarding Plans for Islamic Services at Subway Stations

To the attention of Mayor John Tory,

It has come to the attention of the Jewish Defence League that an Islamic Center is calling on your office and the TTC to approve an Islamic Prayer Center Toronto Subway Stations.

The Jewish Defence League has reviewed the substance of the Islamic Prayer that would be said at the Toronto Subway Stations and the content is anti Jewish and anti Christian. The petition for Islamic services on the subway stations must be rejected.

Please review the following information from The American Center for Democracy on this matter.

Islamic Centre Urges City of Toronto to Create Prayer Spaces in Subway Stations

Muslim Prayer in Public Schools Speaks Against Jews and Christians



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