As Israel burns, Muslims and leftists rejoice

As Israel burns, Muslims and leftists rejoice


November 25, 2016

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They’re calling it the Fire Intifada, systematic wildfires spreading rapidly throughout Israel, forcing thousands from their homes. But unlike the wildfires in Fort McMurray earlier this year, this one was not the result of an environmental catastrophe, but rather a man-made one.

Some 200 fires were recorded over the past 3 days in Israel, of which half were reported to have been deliberately set by Muslim terrorist arsonists. Israeli police arrested 8 suspects charged with the arsons in Northern Israel on Wednesday.


Image courtesy of Breitbart
Image courtesy of Breitbart


But as the fires burned, social media itself was ablaze with virulent hatred and pride as Muslims and anti-Semites expressed their joy at Israel’s predicament. Elated Muslims launched their #IsraelIsBurning hashtag as they called for Israel to burn, justifying their hate with false allegations of the imaginary “occupation.”

In Canada, local mainstream media Facebook threads were of no short supply for such sentiments either. One Islamist from Alberta wanted Israel to burn so the world could be done with “those bedbugs” as she put it.



Out of this infuriating hatred came a silver lining as Abir El Baba forgot to remove her employment with Passport Canada and Rogers Communications from her public profile before making the deplorable comments.



As if wanting a whole country to burn wasn’t enough, El Baba hoped for much more.



Hatred like this seems to run rampant on social media when the topic of discussion is the Jewish state. Were it any other country ablaze, the sentiments would change, and the public would demonstrate solidarity for all those suffering loss. Unfortunately, experience has shown us that Israel is fair game and it’s open season on Twitter and Facebook.


The regressive left never were ones for brushing up on their history. They are too busy fulfilling Socialist roots while forcing a tolerance for “cultural enrichment.”


The weeks before and after the US election, regressive leftists expressed concern regarding a culture of racism at the hands of the Trump administration. Of course, the pot calls the kettle black once again, and it is the leftists who have demonstrated a vile culture of hatred, racism and intolerance following Trump’s victory.




Of course, to call out this hatred would have you accused of being "Islamophobic."
Of course, to call out this hatred would have you accused of being “Islamophobic.”


It has become socially acceptable to openly advocate violence against Jews and Israel while legitimate criticism of Islam remains taboo and is often denounced by the left and Muslims as “hate-speech.” Facebook confirms these allegations with its constant refusal to remove content inciting violence against Israelis while removing innocuous content made by Conservatives or Israelis.  Today’s events and the reactions on social media have demonstrated anti-Semitism is alive and well in Canada and around the world.


An Islamist from Toronto who justifies arson and the evacuation of thousands over an imaginary “apartheid” and “occupation.” He appears to have missed the memo of what life as a non-Muslim is like in Muslim countries.



Many have become well-acquainted with this basement-dwelling socialist tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist.






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