Israel and Canada sign scientific cooperation deal

Israel and Canada sign scientific cooperation deal


November 4, 2016

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Science, Technology and Space Minister Ofir Akunis signed an agreement on Wednesday that will promote cooperation between Israeli and Canadian universities.

“Israeli brainpower is still very much in demand,” he said on Thursday, after meeting the day before with Canadian Governor-General David Johnston and Dr. Alejandro Adem, the CEO and scientific director of Canadian nonprofit and national research organization Mitacs.

Before their state visit to Israel, the Canadian delegation visited to Jordan, and they will tour the West Bank on Friday and Saturday.

Parliamentarians and Canadian leaders in education, business and civil society are making the trip to “enhance relations with counterparts from Jordan, Israel and the West Bank,” according to a report from Canadian newspaper The Hamilton Spectator. “These exchanges will further strengthen Canada and its ties with our regional partners, with a particular focus on innovation, development, security and humanitarian needs,” the report continued.

The Canadian-Israeli agreement will promote joint research, provide scholarships and arrange for student exchange visits. The budget will be half a million shekels and may grow, the ministry said. “This is the first agreement of its kind with Canada at a federal level,” said Akunis. “We expect it will expand and lead to the arrival of entrepreneurs from both countries. The accord expresses the recognition of Israeli abilities, creativity and clarity of thought.”


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