Its because of jews that where afraid to stand up to antisemitism

Its because of jews that where afraid to stand up to antisemitism


July 24, 2014

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Its because of jews that where afraid to stand up to antisemitism which allowed the holocaust to happen right in front of your eyes. In Europe pre second world war, protests started the same way, chanting death to the jews like they are doing all over the world, when they was no opposition, they stepped up the protests a notch, to acts of anti semitism, looting jewish businesses, attacking synagogs, attacking jews, labelling jews as jews, when no one countered that, it gave the anti semites power even more, which lead to the killing of 6 million jews. I am the grandson of a holocaust survivor, My grandfather escaped from the lodg getto one dark night in 1939. when he was 19 years old with 5 of his friends leaving his family behind. He was the sole surviver, We WIll Not Stand Silent, We Will Stand Up and Confront Anti semitism, and we will will say together and out loud, We are jews who will stand up and call you out, we will protect ourselves, you do not scare us for we believe that there is no one to fear but god himself. This is life and death, This is one of the mitzvah’s that you can desecrate the shabbos in my humble opinion, if we dont appose these terrorist today that clearly call for our destruction, and we just stay silent, it will give them more power, they interrupt lack of opposition and the silence as the green light to step up their attacks, we are dealing with terrorists that kill each other, christians, jews in the most brutals and senseless ways. I would encourage you to get your head out of the sand and wake up. look over this page, see for yourself what is going on right now around the world, its exactly what happened in 1938,1939. If we remain quite it will get worst, and I will not allow it to get any wrorse, I will stand up and say the jews are here to stay, we will not be singled out, we will defend ourselves, for we only fear god. Again this is a kiddush hashem when jews stand up and say, we will fight your hate, Never Again Means Never Again, for the jewish people and the land of Israel are here to stay.



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