Maryland Muslim arrested for threatening to blow up Southwest Airlines plane

Maryland Muslim arrested for threatening to blow up Southwest Airlines plane


November 26, 2016

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A Maryland man has been arrested after police say he made threats to blow up the Southwest Airlines plane he was on.

On November 22, Southwest Airlines advised they had an unruly passenger on a flight departing from Oakland, California en route to Baltimore. The Southwest Pilot turned the flight around and returned to Oakland International. Deputies arrived and contacted the suspected unruly passenger, 32-year-old Arpan Shah from Maryland.

Shah reportedly told several passengers while the plane was taxiing out on the runway, that he was going to blow up the plane and continued to say it was going to blow up while in the air.

The pilot returned the flight back to the gate and out of an abundance of caution, all of the passengers and baggage were removed from the plane.

An explosive detection team was deployed to the airplane and conducted a thorough search of the aircraft. The passengers and baggage were re-screened, further delaying the flight.

TSA, FBI and Oakland Airport Security worked with Alameda County Sheriff’s Office to make sure the passengers and aircraft were safe.

The flight eventually departed Oakland and landed safely in Baltimore.

Arpan Shah was arrested for criminal threats and booked into Alameda County-Glen Dyer Jail in Oakland, California.


Original article courtesy of WJZ



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