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January 27, 2021

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Remembrance and Liberation–January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

End Jewish Hatred Canada, a new civil rights movement, will officially launch with a Holocaust Remembrance Day vigil followed by a motor procession to the headquarters of Twitter Canada.

When: Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Where: Earl Bales Park, at the Holocaust monument.
Ending up at Twitter Head office, 901 King St West at 2:15pm

Who we are: End Jewish Hatred Canada is a new grassroots civil rights movement standing up for Jewish liberation and justice through peaceful direct action. We call for the end of all forms of Jew hatred and the singling out of Jews for any and all forms of discrimination; and will follow pandemic protocols, limiting participants and social distancing with face masks.

Toronto Event:  End Jewish Hatred in Canada (EJH) will join with other EJH groups in Holocaust Remembrance Day vigils across the US, Israel and Germany to honour the memory of the more than six million Jews murdered by the Nazi regime.

We will then proceed in a funeral motorcade downtown accompanied by a hearse provided by the Clark Family of Toronto Funeral Coach, to the Twitter Canada office to read a strong message directed to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter:

Do not allow Holocaust deniers and Antisemites to promote their hate on the Twitter platform.

Today, while survivors of the Holocaust still live, Jews have become the most targeted group for hate crimes. “Remembrance alone won’t end Jew hatred,” said founding Co-Chair, Andria Spindel. “We must do more than remember. We must end Jew Hatred.”

Between right wing extremists who spread Antisemitic poison on social media, carry out deadly attacks on Jews, to those on the left, who say Jews are part of the privileged, white, racist system that must be eliminated, we are on the edge of another massive attempt to intimidate, marginalize and isolate Jews.

“It is critically important to note this is a movement not an organization.” said Carrie Katz, a member of EJH Canada. “It will grow and be a way of developing Jewish unity around the world.”

Contacts: Anita Bromberg, CoChair 416-262-4539
  Andria Spindel, CoChair 416-409-3822



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