Protesters Bring Al Quds Day Anti-Israel Hatred to Heart of Toronto’s Jewish Community; Counter Protest Outnumbers themProtest rally

Protesters Bring Al Quds Day Anti-Israel Hatred to Heart of Toronto’s Jewish Community; Counter Protest Outnumbers themProtest rally


September 5, 2018

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For the first time, anti Israel demonstrators waged a hate-filled rally in front of B’nai Brith Canada headquarters on Hove St., in the heart of the Jewish Community. But a counter protest, organized by the JDL, far outnumbered them. It was initiated by CUPW, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, who claims that B’nai Brith launched a “smear campaign” against them for their support of BDS and a joint project with the Palestinian Postal Service Workers Union (PPSWU) to “build greater solidarity between our two unions:”.

B’nai Brith countered that the PPSWU supports terrorism and “the elimination of Israel”. It glorified a Hamas terrorist who was killed by Israel forces after a West Bank rabbi had been murdered. It also called for the release of a Palestinian who was convicted of attempting to smuggle weapons in to Gaza.

In 2008, CUPW endorsed the BDS movement, calling for economic sanctions on Israel until it “respects Palestinian human rights”. Last fall the Union endorsed a Palestinian petition calling on the Canadian government to condemn Israeli settlements. In June, the CUPW pledged its support for the Freedom flotilla Coalition that illegally challenges the blockade of Gaza.

In reality. few of the roughly two dozen protesters appeared to be union members. Ringleaders were lawyers Dimitri Lascaris and Stephen Elllis. Lascaris was former Green Party Justice Critic who recently lost a lawsuit against B’nai Brith. He sued them for libel, after they accused him of using social media to advocate on behalf of “terrorists who have murdered Israeli citizens”. He is also Chair of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East which interrupted and invaded McGill Convocation ceremonies in the spring, to attack keynote speaker Hillel Neuer, of UN Watch. Ellis is a disgraced immigration board judge who tried to solicit sex in exchange for allowing a woman to stay in Canada.

The two groups faced off on opposite sides of the street. Hatred spewed out in rants like, “racists go Home”, Israel is a terror state”, Netanyahu kills babies”. About a dozen Muslim-clad women were bussed in to join the group. They even threatened Michael Mostyn, CEO of Brith Canada ,shouting, “Slander us and you’ll be sorry”.

But they were far outnumbered and out-voiced by the other side, who carried Israeli and Canadian flags, singing and chanting to drown them out.

The JDL, has called the August 29th rally a “pro Islamic terror march in the Jewish community”.



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