“Queer Arabs” feel marginalized because Halifax gays voted to allow Zionists to march

“Queer Arabs” feel marginalized because Halifax gays voted to allow Zionists to march


July 23, 2017

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No, this is not a spoof.

From Toronto Metro:

As Queer Arabs of Halifax continue to boycott Pride for a second year, a number of groups have decided to join them in solidarity until issues of pinkwashing are resolved.
Pinkwashing is when groups or individuals use LGBTQ issues and spaces for their own marketing and political agendas.
“Halifax Pride is still not acknowledging pinkwashing… and the way they acted in the AGM, [annual general meeting] “ said a member of Queer Arabs Halifax, who asked to remain anonymous, on why they’re continuing the boycott.
“It’s going to take time for wounds to heal and until Pride apologizes publicly, it’s not going to solve anything.”
Speaking with Metro earlier this month, Halifax Pride did apologize for the events that occurred at the 2016 annual general meeting, although they did not mention Queer Arabs directly or acknowledge pinkwashing in their events.
At the AGM, Queer Arabs Halifax had put forth an amendment to remove pro-Israel campaign from Pride events, as well as other pinkwashing concerns.
Instead of hearing those concerns and addressing them in a way to mitigate harm, Halifax Pride chose to go through with a public meeting wherein the opposed amendment was voted publicly. It was a reallytraumatic experience for the people who were in attendance,”said Carmella Farahbakhsh, volunteer and administration coordinator at South House, one of the groups also boycotting Pride.
Farahbakhsh said that Halifax Pride had not apologized publicly to the Queer Arabs group or acknowledged their lack of support and communication since the AGM.

What happened at the AGM?

At the Pride annual general meeting last October, a resolution to remove a pro-Israel campaign hosted by the Atlantic Jewish Council from the Pride festival was defeated by majority vote, leaving societies such as the Queer Arabs of Halifax feeling marginalized and ignored.

The “Queer Arabs” were upset that their resolution wasn’t accepted without a vote, and when the majority of members voted against it!


Because it is self-evident that any gays who support a state that support gays are the bigots, while the gays who support states that would put them in jail (or worse) are the liberals.

And it is equally self-evident that when people vote for something you are against, the vote is invalid.

Not only that, but other queer groups are joining the Queer Arabs in boycotting a Pride Parade that allows people who support Israel.

You simply cannot make this stuff up.


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