Radical Islamist Organization Invites Linda Sarsour to Speak at Canadian Conference


September 30, 2018

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Intolerance raises its head when political correctness suppresses free speech and people of conscience lack the will or inoculation tools to protect themselves.

An organization called Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is sponsoring another Canadian conference next month where controversial speakers will preach intolerance against women, secular Muslims, LGBTQ, Jews, and other communities. In 2008 the group tried to invite Qazi Hussein Ahmad to speak in Canada. This year it proposes to invite Linda Sarsour.

What is ICNA? This New York based Pakistani radical Islamist group is aligned with jihadi groups and the Muslim Brotherhood. According to terrorism experts like Steven Emerson and Tom Quiggin, it is the creation of Pakistan-based Jamaat e Islami which has been probed by the FBI for ties to terrorism. The group advocates destroying all secular states and governments in order to introduce Islamic sharia law globally. It sows seeds of Islamic supercessionism.

ICNA inspired Zunera Ishaq who demanded the right to wear a full veil at a Canadian citizenship swearing in ceremony. It owned the Pakistani compound where Osama bin Laden was living at the time of its death. One if its key advocates is Dr. Hafiz Khalid, father of Canadian MP Iqra Khalid who led the federal Liberal Party’s support for M-103 motion, passed by the current government.

How should people of conscience respond? The Muslim-Jewish Dialogue of Toronto warns that secular Muslims and women have the most to fear, and can’t fathom why Canadians allow such hateful intolerance to be spewed. CIJA asks the conference organizer to drop Ms. Sarsour. Bnai Brith advocates Canadian border services to deny her entry. Perhaps we ordinary Canadians need to stop wringing our hands and start connecting the dots.

The proposed conference venue is owned by the government-created Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA). We must make governments accountable to protect the rule of law or we lose our freedoms.

Suggested Action Steps:
Sign the petition http://www.citizengo.org/en/node/165923?tc=gm
Write your MP (Ottawa) and MPP (Ontario)
Write the public venue host Greater Toronto Airports Authority
Contribute to CFTRL lawfare funding (tax receiptable) to enforce the rule of law http://www.cftrl.org/donations.html

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