Rally against Trudeau and “hijab hoax” planned for Ottawa

Rally against Trudeau and “hijab hoax” planned for Ottawa


February 12, 2018

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A rally called “TRUDEAU APOLOGIZE! BRING BACK CANADIAN VALUES!” is scheduled to take place in Ottawa on February 18, 2018. The rally is organized by the Asian Canadian community in response to Justin Trudeau’s premature condemnation of Canadians in response to a Muslim student’s claim that she was attacked by an “Asian” man who cut her hijab with scissors. News of the attack, which made international headlines, turned out to be a hoax concocted by the girl and aided by her brother who claimed to have “witnessed” the attack

When Trudeau was questioned on his judgement condemning the attack as a hate crime before the police has had a chance to launch an investigation, instead of offering an apology Trudeau told Canada Press: “We’ve seen a pattern over the past months of increased hate crimes against religious minorities, particularly against young women of racialized backgrounds. This is something we need to take very, very seriously, and the pattern and the trend lines that we’re seeing is one of those warning signs of increased intolerance”.

“As the real victim of the HIJAB HOAX, our Asian community was completely ignored by PM Trudeau” says the Vote For Your Rights website. “Since Jan 20 / 2018, the Chinese Asian community has had ten demonstrations in seven cities in Canada. Trudeau has not paid any attention and the mainstream media turned a blind eye to us. On Feb 18 / 2018, we are coming from different cities, gathering on the Parliament Hill, standing up for ourselves and speaking out the truth. Dear fellow Canadians, you are welcome to join us!”

Next weekend’s Ottawa rally will be the eleventh anti-Trudeau, anti-hijab hoax demonstration organized by the Asian-Canadian Community, who will be providing transportation from Toronto, Richmond Hill and Mississauga.

On January 28, hundreds took part in rallies in Montreal and in Toronto, demanding an apology from Trudeau, who they say stirs up racial tension between communities.

One of the speakers at the Montreal rally told the crowd that he is tired of what is happening in Ottawa and in the mainstream media. “We are tired that one group demands more rights than the rest of us. We are all Canadians and we should have the same rights. Let’s send a message to the government that we will not put up any longer with this craziness, with this favouritism towards one ethnic group or towards one religion”, he said.

In Toronto, hundreds of protesters rallied in front of the Ontario legislature with signs saying “Hoax Today, Horror Tomorrow”, “Stop Trudeau” and “All Canadians Are Equal”.



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