School Teacher Obsessed With Islamic State Planned Attacks Against Parliament, Shopping Centres

School Teacher Obsessed With Islamic State Planned Attacks Against Parliament, Shopping Centres


January 16, 2018

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A faith school teacher worked to radicalise his students and obsessed over plans to attack major landmarks in the British capital, a London court heard Tuesday.

A self-confessed “Loyal follower” of the Islamic State, 25-year-old Islamic radical Umar Ahmed Haque is standing trial for plotting to attack civilians and officials in London and targeted the Palace of Westminster and its Queen Elizabeth bell tower, and Westfield shopping centre, reports the BBC.

Among his significant list of potential targets were soldiers of the Guards, the iconic troops which protect the monarch in London, members of the police, diplomats, journalists, members of street protest groups Britain First and the English Defence League, and even other Muslims from the Shia denomination.

The Old Bailey also heard his physical targets included the London transport system, court buildings, and banks.



The prosecution stated the Muslim had become “fascinated” by the Islamic State. The court heard he had shown execution videos to children under his care at his Islamic Mosque school, aged between 11 and 14, and had even had them roleplay “scenarios of violent action against police.”

Alleged accomplice Abuthaher Mamun was also in court, charged with helping Haque raise funds for his plots. Also in court was 26-year-old Nadeem Patel, who is charged with conspiracy to possess a firearm with the intention of causing fear of violence.



Part of the evidence used against Haque is a bugged conversation he had with Mamun days after the Westminster Bridge attack in which he expressed his admiration for the attacker and expressed his desire to commit his own.

The case comes just days after the court day of 28-year-old Mohammed Kamal Hussain, a self confessed “simple man” who said he wanted to kill “smart people” for the Islamic State.


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