Shana Tova + Key Updates

Shana Tova + Key Updates


September 25, 2019

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Shanah Tova!
Wishing you good health, happiness, peace and prosperity. Today and all through the year!

As we come to the end of another year we reflect on how far we have come; the many challenges we have overcome and the relationships we have built within the network. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you do and the work you have supported us in doing.

Ban on religious slaughter in the European Court of Justice

In July 2017 the Flemish government issued a decree in which the un-stunned/un-sedated slaughter of animals is prohibited, making both Jewish and Muslim religious slaughter illegal. This is now being challenged in the European Court. In order to support this challenge the ILF has applied to become an Amicus, a party that assists the Court by offering information, expertise, or insight that has a bearing on the issues in the case. In order to put the best possible case together, the ILF has recruited a wide coalition of legal and human rights groups from all over the world, including Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Jews. This is a crucial piece of work as should this law take effect it could affect all European Jewry.

According to Advocate Yifa Segal, “we have a series of strong and substantial legal arguments against the interference of the legislator on the way people lead their religious lives and we are convinced that the ECJ understands that this legislation reflects a destructive imbalance in the rights and values upon which Europe in based.”

We would like to thank all our partners in this endeavor including The World Jewish Congress, One Free World International, Think – The Hague Initiative for International Co-operation, Muslims Facing Tomorrow, The Jerusalem Initiative and The Sempo Centre for Human Rights and Holocaust Studies. Thanks also to the Lawfare Project for contributing to the effort.

Shutdown of French BDS organisation crowdfunding

A French BDS organisation, Collectif Palestina Vaincra (CPV) have been using Okpal, a crowdfunding platform to raise money. CPV have known links to a designated terrorist organization and their charter states they support the armed struggle against Israel. The ILF wrote to Okpal with their concerns and to inform that the discrimination against Israel and/or organizations engaging in commercial activity with Israel, is a violation of French (criminal) law, including the “Lellouche Law”. After reviewing the information, Okpal closed the CPV account stating “the organisation has no place on our website.”

Huge thanks to our partners in France and Israel that brought this issue to our awareness and for supporting us in taking action.

$30 million of Iranian regime assets located in Canada
seized and distributed to terror victims

We would like to congratulate C-CAT (Canadian Coalition Against Terror) in their successful lawsuit against Iran. “The Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act”, enacted in 2012, allows victims to sue state-sponsors of terrorism for damages. As such C-CAT supported victims of Iran-sponsored terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas in taking legal action against Iran and seeking recompense.The Canadian government found in favour of the plaintiffs and Iranian assets (including property and cars) to the sum of $30 million were seized and distributed to the victims for damages.



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