Soldier Testimonies for Battle Against ICC

Soldier Testimonies for Battle Against ICC


January 3, 2019

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A unique and important cooperation of the International Legal Forum with My Truth and the Jerusalem Institute of Justice provides a rare documentation and collection of testimonies of IDF soldiers on the occurrences on the Israel-Gaza security barrier, for the purpose of bringing forth evidence to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

The project constitutes a bridge connecting two strategic arenas to which the State of Israel has not yet been able to provide a holistic response – the propaganda arena of the general public and the legal arena. Beyond the perception of the negative and erroneous reality that is being accepted in the world in the Israeli context, the legal arena is the tool through which sanctions can be imposed against Israel, whether in parliaments around the world, in courts or in international bodies such as the ICC, allowing terrorist organizations to evade accountability for their own crimes.

The project aims to make the ICC members and the general public aware of the reality on the ground as seen from the eyes of IDF soldiers, in a human angle that describes the daily cynical use of weak populations such as children, the disabled, the elderly and women in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank protected areas such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals and mosques.

The situations described in the soldier’s testimonies are not only to shock the listener, but to also describe the severe violations of international law. The soldiers testify of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the most serious levels. This legal message is important to bring before the ICC, to provide them with the Israeli version, the complexity of the reality on the ground, and give a perspective that they did not have the opportunity to receive in the past.

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