Sometimes We Need to Be Reminded that We’re Jewish

Sometimes We Need to Be Reminded that We’re Jewish


December 14, 2016

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It’s so easy to forget about one’s Judaism. Not necessarily in the sense of not being aware of the fact in our daily lives, but in how we live our lives, especially at times like this when Christmas is all around us.

The Hebrew word “le’hitbolel”, meaning to assimilate into foreign culture or religion (but in the negative sense of the word) comes to mind. And while at least half of those born into the Christian tradition do not actually practice their religion, for Jews – any divergence is seen, or at least was seen for most of our history, as undesirable.

So, when Monica Piper finds herself, despite the proclamations that she is “not that Jewish”, in a one woman show about exactly that, the notion that the ties that bind us to our tradition can never be broken, not in our lifetime anyway, definitely rings true.


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