Syrian refugee: Security screening is a “joke”; anyone can pass it

Syrian refugee: Security screening is a “joke”; anyone can pass it


October 13, 2016

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CIJnews recently met with Mustafa (a pseudonym), a Syrian refugee resettled in 2016 in the Greater Toronto Area, who provided information about the security screening by the Canadian authorities based on his own experience. According to Mustafa:

He and his family moved from Syria to one of the neighbouring countries, rented an apartment, found a job and registered as refugees at UNHCR office.

The security screening interview with Canadian officials lasted at most 50 minutes. He and other three adult members of his family were questioned together with the help of a translator about their military service (nature of the service, units, name of commanders), possible connections with armed groups etc. Their cellphones were taken and searched during the interview.

Immediately after the interview his family was told that their application for a refugee status in Canada was approved in principle and few weeks later they received the official approval.

The security screening was a “joke” (كلام فاضي). Anyone can pass it, even operatives of terrorist groups. Syrian nationals who were involved in human and weapon trafficking also came to Canada as refugees. Some are rich and brought with them a lot of money in cash.


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