Toronto shooter “known to police,” had expressed “support” for pro-ISIS website

Toronto shooter “known to police,” had expressed “support” for pro-ISIS website


July 24, 2018

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His past crimes that brought him to the attention of police involved “weapons and violence,” and yet he was free from surveillance and able to plan this jihad attack.

“WARMINGTON: Was Danforth attack terror, or terrorism?,” by Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun, July 24, 2018:

…Meanwhile, my law-enforcement sources confirm investigators are looking at every avenue — including a potential jihadi-inspired mission.

Files being reviewed by police include concern Hussain expressed “support” for a website that was seen as “pro-ISIL,” says a law enforcement source.



Sources say police in Toronto and CSIS officials in Ottawa, as well as the RCMP, are looking into his past, which sources say include his residence in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Hussain apparently had been spoken to by authorities about his online activities. Sources say Toronto Police, the OPP and the RCMP have all had an interest in the now-deceased shooter.

What law enforcement is saying is that the attack was planned, and Hussain was “well known to Toronto Police” for investigations into past crimes “involving weapons and violence.”…

A neighbour living near the apartment where Hussain lived with his parents said Faisal told him he previously worked in a bakery and as a grocer. While some friends said he was “not at all radical,” others said he was more interested in Islamic discussions “when there were more people around.”…

Police executed a search warrant Monday and were set to hunt for what they were told could be a stockpile of weapons and perhaps explosives. They were also interested in computers and hard drives….


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