UK: Muslim teen plotted jihad massacre at Justin Bieber concert

UK: Muslim teen plotted jihad massacre at Justin Bieber concert


July 10, 2017

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Why don’t authorities in Britain or the U.S. ever ask themselves why young converts to Christianity or any religion other than Islam don’t “self-radicalize” and become violent?

“Farmer’s teenage son, 17, ‘plotted a London Bridge-style attack at a Justin Bieber concert in Cardiff after being radicalised in less than a WEEK online,’” by Chris Greenwood, Daily Mail, July 8, 2017:

The teenage son of a farmer appeared in court yesterday accused of plotting a London Bridge-style suicide attack on a major British city.



The 17-year-old is charged with obtaining a knife and a hammer as he prepared to hijack a vehicle for a ‘lone wolf’ attack on Cardiff.

Counter-terrorism police suspect the boy – who cannot be identified because of his age and is preparing for A-levels – was radicalised in less than a week online.

The strike was feared to take place on June 30 as more than 40,000 fans descended on the Principality Stadium for a Justin Bieber concert. The teenager was arrested during a raid on his rural home hours before the Canadian pop star took the stage.



The suspected terrorist is from a middle-class white British Christian family and had shown little evidence of falling into the thrall of militant Islam. Online social media profiles show the rugby-mad boy enjoying nature watching, sending photographs of birds on his family property to BBC’s Springwatch and fishing….

He is also accused of obtaining weapons, a 6in sheath knife and hammer allegedly found in a rucksack, and preparing a suicide note. The second charge alleges that the boy published an image and comment on an open Instagram page in the name ‘alqaeds’, apparently referring to Al Qaeda. Prosecutors said the message was ‘likely to be understood’ as a ‘direct encouragement’ for the ‘commission of acts of terrorism’….


Courtesy of Jihad Watch and UK Daily Mail.



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