October 28, 2016

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They call it “culture shift.” Places, in America, that no longer look or feel like America.

Cedar Riverside in Minneapolis fits the bill, with its large Somali community known as “Little Mogadishu,” as does and Hamtramck, Michigan, where the Islamic call to prayer is shouted over loudspeakers and the local city council is now majority-Muslim.

Parts of Amarillo, Texas, have been flooded with so many Muslim refugees that some ethnic enclaves claim to have elected their own tribal leaders independent of the city government, the city’s mayor recently testified before the Texas Legislature.

Then there is Dearborn, Michigan, which is now 40 percent Muslim and spilling over into neighboring cities and towns.

Documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch recently drove through Dearborn, guided by a lifelong resident of the city named Brian. What Brian showed him was not just a culture shift but something closer to a shock.

Women walk the streets dressed in long, black burqas that cover all but their eyes. Almost all the signs on storefronts are in Arabic or some other Middle Eastern dialect.

Arab businessmen buy up commercial properties, force out the American tenants and replace them with similar businesses run by Muslims, Brian told Lynch in the documentary. The same phenomenon is now beginning to occur in nearby Sterling Heights, Troy, Oak Park and Clinton Township. In Sterling Heights, residents informed WND this week that Middle Eastern refugees are being housed in a local hotel owned by an Arab-American businessman.

But in Dearborn, the tremendous growth in the Muslim community started more than 20 years ago, fueled by local universities and industry.

“Brian still lives there. He’s not going anywhere,” Lynch told WND in an interview. “It depends on where you go in the city, but certain segments are 100 percent Muslim. Brian said to be prepared. We went through the areas, went shopping at the food mart. You really don’t feel like you are in America anymore.”

Watch Dennis Lynch’s short documentary filmed in Dearborn:



Lynch said he was a regular contributor on Fox News between 2012 and 2015, until he started making hard-hitting documentaries on the U.S. immigration system.

“I’ve never been anywhere in the Middle East, but I’d have to assume that with the exception of there being no desert or sand, that that’s what it’s like,” Lynch said of certain areas in Dearborn. “You have two areas, and it’s almost like the Ford plants separate the two sides, and when you cross to the other side it’s totally radical again. We went to a park where kids were playing after school with the mothers all there, and everybody was dressed in full burqa. It was almost like it was Halloween. I’d never seen anything like it in my life.”

Welcome to Hillary’s America

Dearborn does not exist on an island. Residents of southeastern Michigan have every reason to expect their towns will one day look like Dearborn, Lynch said, thanks to President Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement program, which Hillary Clinton says she’d like to expand by more than 500 percent.

There are more than 4 million Syrians fleeing that country’s civil war, a torrent Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton helped start when she was secretary of state. That’s enough refugees to ensure the influx into America will continue for decades, much like the Somali and Iraqi refugee programs have lagged on for decades.



Michigan has received about 1,600 Syrians, or 12.3 percent, of the more than 13,000 Syrian refugees delivered to the United States since the start of the civil war. That’s more than any other state on a per capita basis. California and Texas have received about the same number, but they are much bigger states.

This is “Hillary’s America,” says a resident of nearby Rochester Hills who is one of the co-founders of, a group that started up last year with the mission of helping educate Michiganders about Shariah law and Islamic settlements.

He lives near Oakland University in Rochester Hills.

He said the Islamization is literally moving from town to town in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties.

“The Sterling Heights story is significant because we have these budding ‘Shariahvilles’ in Michigan,” he said. “We know there are refugees being planted. Now, in Rochester Hills, I’ve got five covered women walking down my street, and that’s never happened until two weeks ago.”

In one 18-day period from Oct. 1 through Oct. 18, the U.S. State Department and its federal contractors have sent 199 Syrians to three counties in southeast Michigan – Oakland, Macomb and Wayne –and Oakland County leaders have not received any advance notice of the arrivals, said sources familiar with the growing controversy.

The government contractors secretly planting the refugees in southeast Michigan are Lutheran Services/Samaritas, Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan, USRI and Episcopal Migration Services.

A Lutheran group, Samaritas, moves approximately 1,000 refugees into Oakland County each year.

Secure Michigan made its own drive-through video of Dearborn with Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch this summer. If Americans fail to learn about the transformation of Dearborn and neighboring cities, they could be duped into believing Hillary Clinton’s vision of a multicultural America, which she calls “celebrating our diversity,” is all about economic growth, peace and prosperity, when it’s really about bringing in people from countries that hate America and have no intention of assimilating, Corcoran said.

Dearborn is unique in that it has both Shiite and Sunni enclaves.



“They’re setting this all up so they can continue their ancient squabbles that they have carried on for centuries in the Middle East right here your neighborhood,” Corcoran said.

“Regular folks we talked to in Dearborn were telling us, ‘You know, we’re getting ready to sell and get out of here.’”

In Sterling Heights, the U.N./U.S. State Department refugee program is moving Muslim refugees into an area that already includes the nation’s largest Chaldean Christian communities from Iraq, setting up a potential replay of ethnic divisions that exist in the Iraq and Syria, where Sunni Muslims are viciously persecuting Christians under the banner of ISIS, al-Nusra Front and other factions.

“Of course it is spreading,” Lynch said. “I have two Facebook pages with about a million followers, and I get a lot of people who are reaching out to me every single day, reporting what is happening in their towns, whether it’s in New Jersey or Michigan or Maryland, where the Muslims are saying you gotta remove Christmas from the school calendar. These school boards are agreeing to this, calling it winter break, just for the sake of a very small group of people, changing the culture we have. Unfortunately, we have an administration that is willing to do it.”

If Hillary is elected, there will be many more cities transformed in the image of Dearborn, said the Secure Michigan activist, asking that his name not be used for fear of retribution against his family. Those who live in neighboring communities in southeastern Michigan are already feeling the transformative power of wave after wave of Syrian refugees flooding into their towns.

Troy has received 479 Syrians, Clinton Township has received 385, Dearborn 278, Battle Creak 98, Bloomfield Hill/Bloomfield Township 46, Hamtramck 30 and Detroit 17, according to the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center.

Communities like Sterling Heights, Madison Heights, Rochester, Troy, Oak Park and Clinton Township are all being transformed. One Michigan community, Waterford Township, passed a resolution last week demanding that the federal government refrain from sending them any Syrian refugees.

As he drove with Brian through the residential streets of Dearborn, Lynch said he was struck by the absence of American flags. Then he came upon a lone white house with the stars and stripes flying atop a large metal flagpole.

“That’s a statement,” said Brian. “He’s American.”

Communities such as Sterling Heights feel like they are under siege by the Obama administration. A large mosque project slated for a residential area has brought bitter divisions within the community, and a lawsuit against the local government for denying a permit to build has been filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, a suit that the Obama Justice Department has threatened to join.



Hotel Damascus?

One hotel is of particular concern in Sterling Heights. The Wyndham Garden Hotel is owned by Arab American Asad Malik, who is in the process of filling it with Syrian refugees.

“He has a whole wing that contains 23 Syrian families, probably over 100 people, living in the hotel,” said the Secure Michigan activist, who said he has personally gone into the hotel and been told that the Middle Easterners are from Syria.

“The women are covered head to toe in black burqas, the children play in the parking lot, and there are always three to six men sitting at the entrance to the wing,” he told WND. “I’ve been in the main part of the hotel and the clerk, when I asked the question, said, ‘Yeah, those are Syrian refugees.’ I asked the maintenance man, and he said the same thing.

“If you are Samaritas or Catholic Charities, you can pump as many refugees as you want into Oakland or the other two counties without ever letting the people of those counties know,” the activist added. “We’ve got three or four contractors putting people into the same towns in Oakland County. It looks like Madison Heights and Oak Park in Oakland are targets for settlements by at least two of the four. All four of the contractors filed annual plans for each city they have targeted for resettlement.”

Secure Michigan filed a Freedom of Information request with the state and received copies of the plans.

“We got 10 plans. A first, we were denied. We filed again, and then we got them all. There are 19 plans, meaning there are 19 offices in Michigan pushing these resettlements,” he said. “They’re moving people in without letting people in the county know.”

Oakland County’s chief executive, Brooks Patterson, has had enough. He’s threatening to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration if it doesn’t shut off the flow of refugees from the Middle East, saying the administration has failed to screen the refugees for diseases, failed to consult elected leaders as required by the Refugee Act of 1980, and failed to consider the cost to local taxpayers.

“Oakland is the only county that’s pushing back,” the Secure Michigan activist told WND.



Clinton wants more refugees than Obama

Lynch agreed that Dearborn is but a harbinger of things to come for many more cities and towns across America if Hillary Clinton is elected president of the United States.

“I think if she gets elected you’re going to see more immigration from Mideast countries than under any of the previous presidents including Obama, because she obviously has ties to those countries, getting an incredible amount of money donated from them,” Lynch said.

“These donations come with strings. They come with side deals, and we don’t know what they are. It may be something as simple as ‘OK, we want to see more immigration from our country or some other country into the United States.’ Why else is there any need to increase the Syrian refugee settlements in America? There’s no reason.

“If you look at all at the pay-for-play things, Muslims have said they want to spread Islam across the globe. The one country that doesn’t have that much of it is the United States.”


Original article courtesy of WND



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