VIDEO: UK Preacher Threatened To ‘Blow Up’ Woman In Tight Jeans

VIDEO: UK Preacher Threatened To ‘Blow Up’ Woman In Tight Jeans


September 7, 2016

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A Muslim bodyguard who allegedly threatened to “blow up” a woman in tight jeans listening to a Christian preacher has arrived at court in a skin-tight shirt with his wife, who was wearing tight jeans.

Krissoni Henderson, 31, told journalists outside that he was being targeted because he is Muslim. “You treat us like dogs in your country,” he insisted. “We [Muslims] live according to the law of any country we are in.”

However, Mr. Henderson admitted a history of burglary and drug use, and one witness said he and his accomplices supported Islamic State terrorists.

“They were his friends and they were shouting, ‘we believe in ISIS and you are a non-believer’”, victim Noor Alneaimi said from behind a screen.

Unemployed Mr. Henderson is charged with a “racially aggravated” public order offence and harassment after the alleged incident on New Street in July. He walked free from the confrontation after being confronted by police, but was arrested after a video of his rant went viral.



According to the Birmingham Mail, prosecutor Simon Brownsey told the court: “It’s the Crown’s case that at the hands of Mr. Henderson this woman was the victim of religious and offensive words, including calling her a kafir – a derogatory term for a non-believer.

“(He also said) he would follow her home and blow her up. At the time he wasn’t known to her and she has expressed concerns about seeing him again because of the threat.

“She was listening to a Christian preacher on New Street and the defendant was also present. He targeted Noor Alneaimi by observing she was wearing tight jeans and told her to take them off.”

Ms. Alneaimi told the court: “Around 5.30pm, I was listening to a Christian preacher in New Street. Being Muslim, I am respectful for all religions and I was interested in what he was saying.

“I was then suddenly aware of the defendant, who was being abusive to women nearby, calling them prostitutes because of what they were wearing. The women were quite distressed and one was crying.”



She continued: “He then started to direct the abuse towards me. He called me Satan, he said look at those tight jeans. His voice was aggressive, he was volatile. I was frightened and his voice was getting progressively louder.”

Adding: “As a Muslim lady, to be called a non-believer, I was disgusted: I was terrified. I was going to walk away but I thought ‘no, I am going to make a stand and confront this man.’

“He called me Satan, the devil, he said, look at your jeans, you slut. He said he was going to follow me home and blow my house up. Passers-by started sniggering at me and asking how much I charge for the night. I was terrified.”

The trial was adjourned and will resume at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on the 26th of September.


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