Wonderful letter to Canada Post about Palestine

Wonderful letter to Canada Post about Palestine


September 12, 2019

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Dear Mr. Ettinger,

My name is Jeremy Valentine. I am writing from Halifax, Nova Scotia – Home of your Dalhousie University. I was on Canada Post’s website today searching for a price to send a parcel to Mexico.When I was scrolling down through the destinations I couldn’t help notice that Canada Post lists “Palestine” as a country? There is NO such country called “Palestine” on Earth. In fact, throughout the billions year history of planet Earth there has never – ever – been a country, state, nation and, most certainly a “People”, called “Palestine”. That is factually correct truth.

My question is, why is Canada post delving into anti-Canada, antisemitic, ahistorical propaganda peddling? Is Canada Post’s government mandated plan to undermine the West’s ONLY real ally in the Middle East; Israel by intentionally taking the position of validating a mythological antisemitic invented label to force another – yes another – “two state solution” in hopes for a mythical and unattainable “Peace” with the so-called “Palestinian” People?

As a Canadian that values Canada, Western/Canadian Culture and factually correct truth, I find it absolutely objectionable that our government agencies aid in propagandizing and undermining our own, not to mention our only real ally, Israel.

I do not wish to delve deep into an entirely, and intentionally, molested subject but have you ever read the Islamic texts? Delved into Islamic theopolitical jurisprudence: Sharia or studied the history of Muhammad or Muhammadanism especially as it relates to the Kafir: YOU? I suspect, like the vast majority of Canadians/Westerners the answer is now. Had you, you’d fully understand that Islam does not afford peace with the Kafir – especially the Jew for turning away Muhammad as an ignorant illiterate fraud – only the Hudna; temporary truce…. That is fact.

Further, there’s a very logical reason why you will not find “Palestine” or any “Palestinian” People in the Jew’s Bible, The New Testament or the Muhammadan Qur’an. It is quite logical really…Moses, David, Jesus, all of the Apostles and Muhammad DID NOT KNOW ANY EITHER!!!  But some how Canada Post has and does?  This is absolutely criminal in my opinion to see our country take such an ahistorical and bluntly crooked position towards validating a FRAUD, a LIE and collude in undermining our only ally East of Europe: Israel….

Please find it within yourself to fact check everything above – that is 100% true – and take “Palestine” off Canada Post’s website as a recognized country…

Thank you for your time,

Jeremy D. Valentine BBA, DPA, MBA, MBS 



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